• 21Dec’12

    CSD QR Code Holiday Card

    Posted by Charlie Scott in Branding and Print Design

    By attaching a QR code we were able to acheive a really fun interactive mailer. We received a lot of positive feedback from clients, friends, and family who enjoyed "staying warm by the fire."

    We had a lot of fun with this concept, creating a faux fireplace scene which would be sized appropriately to accommodate most smartphones. The idea of engaging a user with a QR code scan reward that was more than a 'scan to sign up', 'scan to learn more', or 'scan to follow us' payoff.

    Three easy steps; scan, play, and place on the card. This makes it easy for any user to interact with the card, our goal was to make the process both engaging and intuitive for smartphone owners.

    Designing a card which was more about the experience was our goal, we refrained from adding any real sales messaging. Instead, we used a looping yule log video which we built the photo realistic fireplace scene around. See some of the social media buzz created by the cards:

    Facebook Post about CSD QR Code Holiday Card

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