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  • 26Jul’11

    In a saturated BBQ sauce packaging market, Aunt Sassy's needed a way to distinguish their bottle on the shelves of grocery stores nationwide. Leveraging the new all natural and gluten free product advantage, we refreshed existing Aunt Sassy's Sauces packaging to give the label a more organic, natural look. See the evolution of the labeling system...

    Aunt Sassy Slightly Naughty Sauce Package Resdesign - New

    Below is what Aunt Sassy's packaging looked like when we first spotted her selling her homemade sauce at a local grocery store.

    Aunt Sassy Slightly Naughty Sauce Package Resdesign - New
  • 11Jun’11

    As part of a video submission contest, Philadelphia Wings fans recorded themselves rapping for a chance to win a full or partial team car wrap. In conjunction with Designer Wraps, CSD designed the artwork for the winners. Customizing the designs for SUVs and sedans, the design was modified to fit the make and model of each winning car. See more of the sports car wraps...

    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team Car Wrap Sweepstakes

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