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  • 08Aug’14
    Travelex Currency Exchange Airport Signage

    The goal of this backlit airport terminal advertising campaign was to build foreign currency exchange awareness at Albany Airport. The tier one messaging targets international travelers in the departures terminal and baggage claim.

  • 25Jul’14
    Travelex Currency Exchange Simon Mall Large Scale Banner Advertising

    This Travelex and MasterCard® co-branded advertising campaign ran during the summer travel season in SIMON malls and outlet malls nationwide. Through multiple different ad placements on skybanners, kiosk standees, and pole banners we helped to communicate inbound and outbound marketing messages.

    Travelex Currency Exchange Simon Mall Large Scale Banner Advertising

    If you live near Burlington Mall, Fashion Centre @ Pentagon City, King of Prussia Mall, Las Vegas Premium Outlets, Northshore Mall, Roosevelt Field Mall, The Westchester, Town Center of Boca Raton, or Waikele Mall keep an eye out for this summer ad campaign!

  • 18Jul’14

    We worked closely with the business development lead at Cana Point Solutions, a prepaid top-up payment provider, to create a presentation aimed at developing new revenue streams for established big box stores.

    Cana Point Solutions New Business Pitchbook
  • 10Jul’14

    Shepard Entertainment is an integrated solution for events, voice-overs, and productions. Bringing together three seperate companies; Nizam Singletary Voice Overs, DJ Diz, and Shepard Entertainment Events we developed one main identiy and a system of sub-brands which was more service focused.

    Shepard Entertainment Logo Rebranded Identity
  • 04Jul’14

    An educated child is a healthy child. Nancy Lessner, an experienced medical nutritionist build awareness of the dangers of eating poorly and simple ways to develop healthy habits. We helped Nancy to market her web video series by creating this custom website to meet the goals of her marketing team.

    Nancy Lessner Healthy Livinh Coach Website Web Design Rebrand
  • 11Jun’14

    To build the Cana Point brand from scratch, we focused on creating an identity which would be competitve now in the small but saturated U.S. prepaid top-up market. This contemporary look reflects the ownership's desire to be competitive with existing brands in the short-term.

    Cana Point Solutions New Brand Identity Logo
  • 05Jun’14

    Before the world became captivated by the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Travelex tasked us with helping to build U.S. awareness of Brazil travel tips. With a visual and systematic approach CSD was able to create an infogrphic layout that educates travelers about local currency, food & drink, and soccer themed facts.

    Travelex Currency Exchange Brazil World Cup Travel Infographic

    To support Travelex's increased presence in South America, we worked with the marketing team to develop new signage for the new Panama Tocumen Airport location. All of the marketing materials had a World Cup focus.

    Travelex Currency Exchange Brazil World Cup Travel Counter Card
  • 21May’14
    North Coast Asset Management New Business Welcome Tri-Fold Brochure

    Designed to accompany all new account paperwork and compliance materials, this tri-fold welcome brochure is intended to give new clients an overview of NorthCoast's investment principles, experience, and company philosophy. See more NorthCoast marketing materials...

  • 30Apr’14
    Travelex Currency Exchange Atlanta Georgia Train Window Advertising

    Installed in the Atlanta Airport SkyRail, this series of Travelex advertisements are intended to build currency exchange awareness in international depature terminals. View more airport ads...

  • 28Apr’14

    Working with the BDP International HR team, we created a brand identity system which reflected the principles of each HR program. The BDP&Me identity was built using a set of sub brands which contain a common elements, this allows for flexibility in future brand expansion. Learn why building an expandable brand is important...

    BDP International Human Resources Branding Initiatives
  • 05Mar’14

    The intent of this tradeshow booth was to highlight the global presence of the Travelex brand at the 2014 Airport Revenue News (ARN) Conference. Take a look behind the scenes...

    Travelex Currency Exchange ARN Trade Show Large Scale Banner
  • 24Jan’14

    Nancy Lessner is a medical nutritionist and 'your healthy living coach'. We worked with her business developement expert to develop a brand which would be relatable for both kids and parents. Explore our branding process...

    Nancy Lessner Healthy Living Coach Branded Identity Logo
  • 20Dec’13

    The whole CSD team had fun creating holiday card designs for Bimbo Bakeries USA. These cards were distributed to all 25,000+ associates across all of North America. See more holiday card designs...

    Bimbo Bakeries USA 2014 Corporate Holiday Card
  • 15Dec’13

    A Bimbo Bakeries USA associate favorite, the company calendar is distributed to employees yearly. Every year there is a new theme, this year it was "I am Better Every Day" which reflected the HR initiatives that every associate knows and identifies with. Learn more about the calendar design and process...

    Bimbo Bakeries USA 2014 Corporate Calendar
  • 13Nov’13

    The final Philadelphia Wings season (in the city of brotherly love) was designed to highlight the best player in professional lacrosse; Paul Rabil. Every season we prepare a custom branded look & feel which reflects the specific sales theme, in 2014 the Wings wanted to emphasize they had the best players in the world.

    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team 2014 Marketing Materials - Posters and Magnets

    Using the Philadelphia skyline, we made players appear larger than life as they took to the streets and played between towering skyscrapers.

    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team 2014 Marketing Materials - Billboards

    By using the teams tertiary grey color in the skyline and cloudscape, we were able to really make their iconic red/black color scheme stand out. See more marketing materials from the 2014 season...

    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team 2014 Marketing Materials - Season Tickets
  • 23Oct’13

    To help Bimbo Bakeries USA stand out at career fairs and college recruiting programs, we worked with the communications team to create brochures, promotional materials, and tradeshow displays. One challenge BBU faces is educating candidates about the company, who BBU is, and why they have a competitve corporate environment.

    Bimbo Bakeries USA HR Recruiting Materials - Be The Best - Hexagon Folding Brochure

    CSD concepted, designed, and produced these custom die-cut folded brochures. See how the custom folds work...

    Bimbo Bakeries USA HR Recruiting Materials - Be The Best - Tri-Fold Brochure
  • 21Dec'12
    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team 40' x 40' Wells Fargo Center Outdoor Banner

    During 2013 and 2014 The Philadelphia Wings had the opportunity through Comcast Spectacor to advertise on the i95 facing (east) side of The Wells Fargo Center. The goal of the strategy was to increase brand awareness and drive ticket sales. See more examples of displays we've created for The Philadelphia Wings...

  • 19Dec’12
    CSD BRandin 2013 Interactive QR Code Holiday Card

    In a year when creating engaging QR code was still something that was 'in-style', we wanted to design a festive and interactive holiday card to reconnect with our contacts. By scanning the QR code with a smartphone and placing it on this 5" x 7" postcard we're able to acheive an interactive experience for the scanner. See a video of how this works...

  • 06Mar’12

    Working in conjunction with the Polder Housewares leadership team we created a contemporary product catalog design. We balanced the inclusion with elements from past catalogs with new innovative layouts to create this custom print design solution. See our alternative modern product catalog layouts...

    Polder Housewares 2012-2013 Catalog - Full magazine catalog spread design Polder Housewares 2012-2013 Catalog - Full magazine catalog spread design
  • 13Feb’12

    This award winning design project was a collaborative effort between the Philadelphia Wings marketing team and CSD. We enjoyed the opportuntiy to work on such a highly engaged social media project, following the converage on national sports media outlets, sports blogs, and on Twitter was really exciting. See some of the buzz surrounding the first ever Twitter handle jersey in American sports history...

    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team Award Winning Twitter Handle Cancer Awareness Jersey
  • 11Jun’11

    As part of a video submission contest, Philadelphia Wings fans recorded themselves rapping for a chance to win a full or partial team car wrap. In conjunction with Designer Wraps, CSD designed the artwork for the winners. Customizing the designs for SUVs and sedans, the design was modified to fit the make and model of each winning car. See more of the sports car wraps...

    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team Car Wrap Sweepstakes Giveaway
  • 26Jul’11

    In a saturated BBQ sauce packaging market, Aunt Sassy's needed a way to distinguish their bottle on the shelves of grocery stores nationwide. Leveraging the new all natural and gluten free product advantage, we refreshed existing Aunt Sassy's Sauces packaging to give the label a more organic, natural look. See the evolution of the labeling system...

    Aunt Sassy Slightly Naughty Sauce Packaging Design
  • 20Dec’10

    The 2011 Philadelphia Wings Angels Dance Team Calendar theme was 'snow angels,' sponsored by Blue Mountain the photoshoot took place in locations around the ski resort. Working with the talented Contrast Photography team, led by Todd Bauders we art directed the photo compositions to work within the established calendar framework. Learn more about the calendar design and see behind the scenes photos...

    Philadelphia Wings Pro Lacrosse Team 2012 Dance Team Calendar

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