• 15Dec’13

    2014 BBU Corporate Calendar

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Print Design

    Bimbo Bakeries USA distributes an annual associate calendar during the holidays to engage all 25,000+ employees and help encourage a connection between work and family. Working with the HR Communications team, we created a variety of layout options based on the calendar theme of ‘better every day.’ Each month referenced a different HR process (learning & development, safety, compensation, etc) and had topic specific messaging and imagery.

    Below you’ll see the first round options that were provided as part of our mild, medium, and spicy design variations. By providing the team with diverse layouts, we’re able to identify successful elements and preferences to create a more targeted second round.

    By using associate submitted imagery and quotes about the monthly topic, we were able to create a calendar that connected with employees on a very personal level. Seeing co-workers engaged at fundraising events, workshops, and in daily life really helps to build a sense of community nationally.

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