• 13Nov’13

    Philadelphia Wings 2014 Marketing Materials

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Re-Branding and Print Design

    The 2014 Philadelphia Wings roster was full of larger than life lacrosse super stars including Paul Rabil (the first professional lacrosse millionaire). The marketing team wanted to portray the players as the best in the world and make it clear that to see the best you had to come to Philadelphia.

    In order to reinforce the location, we used Philadelphia Skyline imagery in the primary look and feel and to reinforce the players as larger than life we used game-shot photos and superimposed them into the city.

    Since there are limitations with the resolution of provided photo resources, it was necessary to create a secondary look & feel that is more flexible for a wide variety of dimensions. We maintain the depth of the layout by layering the logo band and still using a drop shadow effect.

    It’s always really fun to create a look and then working with a client to apply that branding across a diverse range of visual mediums. For the Wings we design customizable sales tools, posters, coasters, car wraps, tents, lacrosse jerseys, web banner ads, social media images, pocket schedules, calendars, etc. The layout elements need to be flexible so they can be rearranged for vertical and horizontal elements, web and print, large format advertising, and on promotional materials.

    Billboards and bus ads really drove home this larger-than-life look we tried to achieve in their final season as the most successful sports franchise in Philadelphia sports history.

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