• 10Jul’14

    Shepard Entertainment Logo

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Logos

    Building the branding for Shepard Entertainment was a process of integrating three separate identities (DJ Niz, Shepard Entertainment, and Nizam Singletary Voice Overs). Creating a new identity that is reflective of the versatility of Nizam was the challenge. We explored two main directions, the first was creating a system for the three main services of the company that act as individual subcategories, second was housing all three services under the umbrella of “Shepard Entertainment.”

    The final logo is based on a client-provided concept and has a strong typographic voice but also includes a subtle symbol, a “play button,” that relates to the different services; Voice Overs, DJ, Hosting and Radio, that are offered. These businesses are separate but they are all branches that fall under the Shepard Entertainment brand.

    Below are examples of the existing separate identities as well as alternative logo concepts. While only one final logo is chosen, we have so much fun creating the design alternatives that we just had to share them.

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