• 18Jul’14

    CanaPoint Solutions New Business Pitchbook

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Print Design

    After developing Cana Point Solutions logo the next step was to produce a new business pitch book they could use as a sales too for marketing their new business. We developed a simple and clean layout, using infographics and eye-catching statistics paired with ‘branded’ stock imagery.

    CSD developed this ‘branded’ stock imagery in which the item or service sold from Cana Point becomes highlighted with the Cana Point “locator”. By applying a technique to a purchased stock image, we’re able to make it appear to be less generic. Featured on the cover is an image of NYC with the “locators” pointing out the possible places where Cana Point can be sold, large or small.

    Stock Imagery can be a valuable tool to help keep projects within an established budget, but you run the risk of seeing your photo used in other advertisements or promotional materials. Even the average consumer is aware of how generic stock imagery looks and will make snap judgments about the trustworthiness of a brand without even realizing why. By adding a color treatment, texture, post production technique, or customizing the fore/background of an image we’re able to create a more ‘branded’ feel for your images.

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