• 30Apr’14

    Travelex Atlanta Train Ads

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Displays / Signage

    This tier 1 messaging is straightforward and the simple and clean design captures a readers attention and quickly educates them on where to exchange currency for international travel. The soft yellow gradient helps the wallet image and text to pop out and grab the attention of those traveling between terminals. With just a simple color background rather than a full bleed image, it makes this ad that much stronger in its attempts to focus solely on the messaging and not distracting the reader with other elements.

    One common theme in the North American marketing strategy for Travelex is to include images of currency to reinforce the service to both foreign and English speaking travelers. All of the retail signage includes translations of ‘Currency Exchange,’ popular foreign destinations, or cold hard cash. Below are examples of how we’ve targeted the international travelers in airport terminals around the world.

    Digital menu boards in Hong Kong, banner stands and backlit lifestyle walls at JFK in New York, pole wraps at DFW in Texas, retractor banners in Panama, and in foreign currency ATMS at SIMON Malls nationwide. We always find it fun and challenging to apply and design new artwork to fit such a wide variety of visual mediums!

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