• 28Apr’14

    BDP International HR Brand Identities

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Logos

    Working with a very talented group of communicators and new leaders of the Human Resources team at BDP International, we defined brand strategies for overall HR program as well as individual components. BDP&Me is the umbrella brand for all company to employee communications collateral, we used BDP blue from the primary BDP International brand identity and charcoal grey from the individual HR processes to create the logo mark.

    The incomplete circle is a unique and defining characteristic of the BDP International primary brand. We wanted to reflect that piece of the company branding in each of the individual HR process logos.

    Using a system of contemporary colors, we created customized icons that reflect the philosophy and mission for each HR strategy. Below is a list of the HR process that corresponds with each logo:

    Earning – Total Rewards The ladder represents a goal and their unique performance-based compensation programs.

    Evolving – Development Growth, learning, and personal accountability are illustrated using a bar chart that is showing positive progression.

    Aspiring – Leadership Development This motivatingly exclusive leadership program targets and rewards future managers. The cloud represents create problem solving and upward thinking.

    Connecting - Employee Engagement A fun and innovative program that surveys employee feedback and recognizes new ideas for making BDP a better place to work. The idea of an employee being plugged-in or engaged is represented by a socket that doubles as an abstracted smiley face.

    Achieving – Performance Management This mountain-like line graph represents the process of performance-based review and reflects the positive growth oriented side of performance management.

    In order to support the circulation of the new branding, we created letterhead files for print/digital topic-related correspondence as well as PowerPoint templates to make communications easy for the HR group to prepare internally. Below are examples of the presentation and stationery collateral.

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