• 05Mar’14

    Travelex ARN Booth Banner

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Displays / Signage

    For an upcoming global banking conference, we worked with the Travelex North Americas marketing team to design a tradeshow booth and table. As a global leader in currency exchange, the goal was simply to demonstrate visually the worldwide presence of the Travelex brand. We achieved this using a collage of employee, retail location, and currency images from various Travelex locations paired with the simple tagline “The World’s Largest Currency Exchange Provider”.

    While producing earlier design options, one variation that caught the eye of the Travelex Marketing team a global map tediously displaying the locations of roughly every Travelex store location globally. Unfortunately this didn’t make it to print but the graphic was later recycled for a successful Request for Proposal for the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

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