• 25Jul’14

    Travelex & MasterCard® Advertising

    Posted by Rob Hyatt in Branding and Re-Branding and Displays / Signage

    These sky banners, pole banners, and standees are currently displayed in SIMON Malls nationwide. Intended to educate mall-goers about the new Travelex Multi-Currency Cash Passport™ Prepaid MasterCard® Currency Card while they are shopping during the summer travel season. These ads range in size from 5’ x 9’ to 14’ x 16’ which requires more planning than small format or digital artwork.

    Using the new Travelex branding, we developed departure focused design options that highlighted travelers in purchasing situations. Sourcing stock photo images, which fit within the vision for the campaign, proved to be impossible. The final image is actually a combination of four different images. Using Photoshop to combine the images allowed us flexibility in setting the foreground customer interaction, the window, and the background of the Eiffel Tower framed the location. To help with the contrast of the text container on top of the image, we then changed some of the colors in the image to increase visibility, like the woman’s jacket, hair, and shirt, as well as the counter top.

    The arrivals focused materials (pole banners & standees) targeted foreign tourists who needed to exchange their currency for US Dollars. Seen below, these advertisements were placed in the Hawaii and Las Vegas mall locations since they are big foreign travel hubs.

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